Noms To Go

Nom Nomski’s is the place to grab tasty food if your are skiing in Park City Utah. Don’t lose time off the slopes, grab a high quality, locally made waffle, crepe and other treats that are rolled up and served right to your hand. Eat on the go!

Meet The Man

Cedric is an avid snowboarder and the Man behind Nom Nomski’s. He has been creating and testing the recipes for the perfect comfort food to put in your hand at the bottom of the slope.

“Creative cooking is my passion, and so is snowboarding, Nom Nomski’s allows me to do both!”

Feel the warmth

Hot tasty crepes and waffles are the mainstay of Nom Nomski’s. The sweet & fruity versions come with creme, caramel, and chocolate sauces. The savory choices are like a top end sandwich in a delightful crepe, with a variety of savory cheese sauces, including cheese and béchamel. 

Food on the Fly

Grab your Noms on the go so you can get back to the important things asap!


For any inquiries please email